The people I've helped have said some very
nice things over the years.

"Pete has been amazing to work with, especially as we know nothing about web developing! He took over our site and has made it into something that we can use and update ourselves really easily.

He always explains things to us in a way that makes sense, and in English, not developer-speak! And we especially love the videos he makes to teach us how to implement changes!

We feel like Pete is an extended part of our team because he cares about helping us to make the website support the work that EYNP does, and he always gives that little bit extra.

What's great about working with Pete and not an agency is how accessible and easy to contact he is — plus he's super efficient!"

Katie Angotti

EYNP Programme Manager

Danone, UK & Ireland

"...there's no guarantee that you will find someone as dependable as Peter. I’m only pleased that we did!

From the very beginning Peter impressed me with his attention to detail, diligence, and care in helping with our site.

Peter has provided valuable insight as we plan future development of the site, and I have come to consider him an extended member of my team."

Andy Moore

Head of Global Communications


"When we approached Peter to work on a new Drupal project, we were looking for someone who could deliver quickly, following the specs whilst adding experience and Drupal specific knowledge to the table. Luckily we found the exact match.

We were so happy that we immediately asked him to jump on to another Drupal project which he again delivered with perfect timing, despite part of the scope not being very clear from the beginning.

Working with Peter was an absolute pleasure — also thanks to his flexibility, excellent communication skills and honesty."

Luca Russo

Web & Social Collaboration Functional Lead

Givaudan SA

"If you have difficulties getting work done on your Drupal site - either via agencies or other freelancers - I highly recommend using Pete. He’s made managing and maintain our website a lot simpler and a lot less stressful.

We know where we are with Pete. Whatever changes and updates we want to make to our Drupal site, or questions we have, he gets back to us straight away to work out a solution. He does the work to meet our deadlines and we know exactly how much it'll cost. Plus he’s a nice guy. Simple.

We moved away from our old agency for various reasons, but we're glad we did. Pete takes care of all the technical stuff, leaving us to focus on fundraising."

Mark Lankester

Communications & Digital Fundraising Executive

Build Africa

"I've worked with Peter for over a year on several front end drupal projects. He's delivered some tricky projects to tight deadlines including an interactive map of projects linked to a complex databases and internal systems where he worked on both front and back end elements; he’s the main developer for a major site rebuild updating to responsive design and from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

He is proactive with technical solutions and produces high quality, sustainable work.

Brimming with scouse charm, Peter is a pleasure to work with and a highly skilled developer that I’d not hesitate to recommend."

Ceava Potter

Project Manager

Comic Relief (now Engineering Program Manager at Apple)

"Peter joined us on a Drupal project, which was half built but left in a sorry-state by a previous freelancer.

From our introductory phone call, he was incredibly friendly and took time to understand what we were trying to achieve; asking questions and taking a genuine interest in the project (an online archive of a famous Graphic Designer).

His expert knowledge in Drupal and willingness to problem-solve in Javascript, PHP and everything else, was incredibly impressive. He would be in regular contact with progress updates, which kept our minds at ease. It always felt like he went the extra mile for the project. He helped us launch the site and took ownership as a developer till the end; which sets him apart from other freelancers we’d ever worked with."

Kenneth Wong


Crescent Lodge

"Having worked with Pete...I have to say; he's a great guy and an exceptional developer.

Pete's vast experience and knowledge along with being a great communicator made him a great mentor for the development team, guiding best practices in Drupal theming, when to use preprocess hooks and how to best utilise the render API for the highly customised theme that was utilised for the project.

The whole development team benefited from Pete's guidance and calmness under pressure. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again."

Matt Wagg

Front-end Developer


"Due to a mixture of work-load and looming deadlines we were looking for a freelance developer to join us for the development phase of a new build project.

We were looking for someone with a good understanding of Drupal, who could deliver quickly and who had a good eye for detail when it came to implementation.

I'm very happy that we found Peter.

From our first call, Peter was very friendly and really took time to understand the key requirements of this project.

Peter's workflow and development updates made it remarkably easy to work with him. All deadlines that were made were met without issue (some of which were quite tight), and all the inevitable problems you'd expect to encounter during a web build were dealt with and resolved quickly.

Peter has been a pleasure to work with. The development phase itself and the aftercare have been fantastic. We're very glad to have found him and we hope to have the opportunity to work with him again on many future projects.""

Stephen Daniels


We Are North West

"Pete has been a terrific consultant/developer for The Bookseller and has helped us launch a totally new, Drupal-driven website in record time, on budget and with excellent results.

He's pragmatic, creative and always thinking about delivering the best solution and is very good at communicating with and listening to his clients.

We are looking forward to working with him on future projects and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a brilliant consultant/developer who genuinely cares about what he does."

Mat Toor

Digital Consultant

the Bookseller

I'm an award winning Drupal developer and consultant, helping project managers, programme managers, and marketing managers to get the most from their Drupal sites.

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"Working with Peter was an absolute pleasure — thanks to his flexibility, excellent communication skills and honesty."


"Pete's vast experience and knowledge, along with being a great communicator, made him a great mentor for the development team."


"I would thoroughly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a brilliant consultant/developer who genuinely cares about what he does."


"Pete has been amazing to work with, especially as we know nothing about web developing! He took over our site and has made it into something that we can use and update ourselves really easily."