Hi. I'm a...

Freelance Drupal Developer & Tech Consultant for UK Charities and Non-Profits

I help product/programme managers, marketing managers, and department leads in UK-based charities and non-profits to:

Develop new Drupal websites and web applications
Rescue stalled and failing Drupal projects
Integrate third-party services into their workflows
Improve existing clunky, inefficient Drupal websites

I also provide consultancy services to help people:

Save time and money through automation
Release their technology stack from agency "lock-in"
Figure out how to use emerging AI technologies

Joe Yates & Steph Ray

"Pete came to us highly recommended and joined in troubleshooting mode from the outset. We outlined our priority areas and Pete created a logical ticketing system so we could track progress. He provided regular progress updates both in person and via demo videos.He is a joy to work with as he is flexible, efficient and a great communicator. We now have a site which is far more intuitive for our visitors and 7,000+ members, which ultimately allows us to better achieve our mission of supporting the interdisciplinary research community."

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Katie Angotti

"Pete has been amazing to work with. He took over our site and made it into something that we can use and update ourselves really easily. He explains things to us in a way that makes sense in English, not developer-speak!... We feel like Pete is an extended part of our team."

— Programme Lead, Danone

Stephen Daniels

"From our first call, Peter was very friendly and really took time to understand the key requirements of this project. Peter has been a pleasure to work with. The development phase itself and the aftercare have been fantastic. We're very glad to have found him and we hope to have the opportunity to work with him again on many future projects.""

Owner, We Are North West

Mat Toor

"Pete has been a terrific consultant/developer for The Bookseller. He's pragmatic, creative and is very good at communicating with and listening to his clients. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a brilliant consultant/developer.."

Digital Consultant, The Bookseller

Andy Moore

"...there's no guarantee that you will find someone as dependable as Peter. I'm only pleased that we did! From the very beginning Peter impressed me with his attention to detail, diligence, and care in helping with our site."

Development Manager, IFES

Kathryn Maxwell

"...We have worked with many developers and can confidently say that Pete is by far the best, being an exceptional coder and consultant with an impressive skill set. His abilities extend beyond the technical realm, making him not only a technical expert but also a pleasure to work with..."

IT Project Manager, Royal Meteorogical Society

Who I've Helped

These days, I focus on providing development and consultancy services to UK charities and non-profits. But since 2009, I've helped over 45 organisations from all kinds of sectors. You may recognise some of the organisations I've helped below.

Technologies I Work With

Drupal is certainly my area of expertise. However, I've developed and consulted on all kinds of web-platform and web-related technologies over the years. You may recognise some of these technologies below.

Drupal Third-Party Integrations

I've developed and utilised various platform integrations that enhance the Drupal sites I consult for and work on — from automating workflows with Zapier to managing finances with Xero, from recording customer interactions with CRM's to developing AI-powered front-end applications.

Here's some of the Drupal to third-party platform integrations I've helped people with over the years.

Who I Work With

I work with non-technical people who:

work within the UK charity or non-profit sectors
are appreciative to the complexities of software development
understand the benefits of working collaboratively
are able to invest the time required to make technology improvements

Who I Don't Work With

I don't work with:

recruitment, development or marketing agencies
gambling, cryptocurrency or adult content related organisations
private or publicly-listed companies

Get In Touch

Tell me who you are, what you do, and a quick description of the problem (or problems) you'd like to solve. If I don't think I can help you, I'll let you know right away. If I can, I'll get back to you so we can arrange a phone call or a Zoom chat.

Even if we decide not to work together, you may go away from our 45 minute (ish) chat with a few ideas and/or a little more clarity.

Click the link below to email me.


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