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Hi. I'm a Drupal developer — supporting and developing Drupal sites for companies, charities, non-profits and design agencies in the UK, the United States and Western Europe.

See some of the Drupal sites I've developed and read some of the nice things people say about me.

Frustrated With Your Agency?

Did you hire a development agency to develop your Drupal site but now they've gone a little quiet on you? Feel they're not that into you anymore? Or maybe you just don't want to work with them again.

If you have difficulties getting work done on your Drupal site — either via agencies or other freelancers — I highly recommend using Pete. He's made managing and maintain our website a lot simpler and a lot less stressful.

We know where we are with Pete. Whatever changes and updates we want to make to our Drupal site, or questions we have, he gets back to us straight away to work out a solution. He does the work to meet our deadlines and we know exactly how much it'll cost. Plus he’s a nice guy. Simple.

We moved away from our old agency for various reasons, but we're glad we did. Pete takes care of all the technical stuff, leaving us to focus on fundraising.

Mark Lankester

Communications & Digital Fundraising Executive at Build Africa

If you'd like to know how to move away from your current development agency, or to find out if you're currently paying too much for Drupal development...

Need A New Drupal Site?

Do you already use Drupal in your business? Maybe you need another Drupal site for another part of your business? Or maybe you have a WordPress site that's become bloated and heavy and so you're considering moving to Drupal?

When we approached Peter to work on a new Drupal project, we were looking for someone who could deliver quickly, following the specs whilst adding experience and Drupal specific knowledge to the table. Luckily we found the exact match.

We were so happy with his work that we immediately asked him to jump on to another Drupal project which he again delivered with perfect timing, despite part of the scope not being very clear from the beginning.

Working with Peter was an absolute pleasure — also thanks to his flexibility, excellent communication skills and honesty.

Luca Russo

Web & Social Collaboration Functional Lead at Givaudan SA

If you have a new Drupal project in mind, let's chat. I should be able to provide you with a "ball-park" figure — after I learn a little more about you and your project.

Proud to have worked with some big names

Who I've Worked With

I've worked with some great companies, charities and agencies over the years.


As well as helping some great organisations over the years, I've also contributed my expertise through various side projects.

In 2009, I provided technical review services for Packt Publishing's book — Drupal 6 Theming Cookbook.

In 2015, I created Drush Commands — an online command reference site for Drush.

Drush Commands is used by over 1,000 other Drupal developers around the world every day and now supports the official Acquia and Pantheon documentation portals.

Pricing & Guarantee

I don't have an hourly rate and I don't provide estimates. Instead, I provide fixed prices for all Drupal site development work — and that price never changes.

With my fixed prices, you'll know exactly how much something will cost up-front so you know if commissioning a piece of development work is worth your investment.

I also offer a full money back guarantee — if the work I do for you doesn't deliver on the goals we agree on, I'll give you your money back.

When you Google 'freelance Drupal developer', there’s no guarantee that you will find someone as dependable as Peter. I'm only pleased that we did!...Peter also provides valuable insights as we plan future development of the site, and I have come to consider him an extended member of my team.

Andy Moore

Head of Global Communications at IFES

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