Making Drupal Sites Faster

Is your Drupal site "limping along"? Frustrated that your competitor's sites just seem so much faster?

Your customers are probably frustrated too.

Having a fast website is important now — very important. Not only do faster websites result in a better user experience, Google prefers faster sites (site speed has been a ranking factor for Google since 2010). A nice side effect of making your site faster is that Google spiders can index more of your content, faster and more regularly.

Faster websites are better all round — better for everybody. But what about your Drupal site?

Drupal is not famous for it's speed. A typical Drupal site on a typical host will likely not be very fast. However, Drupal sites can be sped up — a lot.

I've implemented some, often relatively simple, optimisations for Drupal sites over the years, resulting in 33% to %50 speed improvements — sometimes up to to 100%.

Need to speed up your Drupal site?

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