Freelance Craft CMS Development

Although I work mostly with Drupal, I also work with Craft CMS — supporting, developing and maintaining sites built on the excellent Craft CMS platform.

I mostly work with companies who've had Craft CMS websites developed by agencies but who need more of an ongoing, ad-hoc support and development arrangement.

Why Craft CMS?

The popular platforms like Drupal and WordPress are very good but they often suffer from two major problems:

1. Drupal sites are typically built with little thought to the editorial experience. So, once a Drupal site is built, content editors often then need to "jump through hoops", so to speak, to get content published on the site in the way they want it to appear.

2. Conversely, WordPress sites generally ship with a much nicer editorial workflow. This results in a better experience for content editors. However, the code that runs a WordPress site can have the tendency to get very messy, very quickly. This is due to the fact that WordPress is less strict about the way it "allows itself" to be themed and extended.

Note: This is also one of the reasons WordPress sites get hacked more then Drupal sites.

Craft CMS, however, with it's strict MVC architecture (Yii), it's simple templating system (Twig), and a well thought out and easily extendable editorial back-end, seems to be solving these issues for a lot of people.

For these reasons (amongst others), Craft CMS has been picking up some nice market share from the big platforms.

The BuiltWith Craft CMS statistics say that in 2017 alone 232 sites* migrated from Drupal to Craft CMS and 1,555 sites* migrated from WordPress to Craft CMS.

* BuiltWith data is not a complete snapshot of the web so we can assume these numbers are quite conservative.

After years helping companies with their Drupal sites, I now find I'm helping an increasing number of companies with their Craft CMS sites. Some of these companies have migrated from (or are migrating from) Drupal to Craft CMS.

If your site is built on Craft CMS and you need support, development, or maintenance, send me a message below and I'll get back to you.

"Pete has been amazing to work with, especially as we know nothing about web developing! He took over our site and has made it into something that we can use and update ourselves really easily.

He always explains things to us in a way that makes sense, and in English, not developer-speak! And we especially love the videos he makes to teach us how to implement changes!

We feel like Pete is an extended part of our team because he cares about helping us to make the website support the work that EYNP does, and he always gives that little bit extra.

What's great about working with Pete and not an agency is how accessible and easy to contact he is — plus he's super efficient!"

Katie Angotti

EYNP Programme Manager

Danone, UK & Ireland

I help Programme Managers, Project Managers, Product Owners, CMO's, and Comm's Managers to extend and improve their company websites with expert, one-on-one Drupal & Craft CMS consultation and development services.

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"Working with Peter was an absolute pleasure — thanks to his flexibility, excellent communication skills and honesty."


"...the project was delivered in 6 weeks in a secure and rock-solid implementation..."


"Pete's vast experience and knowledge, along with being a great communicator, made him a great mentor for the development team."


"I would thoroughly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a brilliant consultant/developer who genuinely cares about what he does."


"Pete has been amazing to work with, especially as we know nothing about web developing! He took over our site and has made it into something that we can use and update ourselves really easily."


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