About Me

I'm a freelance Drupal developer, based in Ormskirk, Lancashire in the North West of the UK — 13 miles north of Liverpool.

I work 95% of the time on Drupal 6, 7 and 8 sites and work purely on a freelance basis. I don't contract and I don't work through recruitment agencies. I do all my Drupal support & development work remotely from my home office.

Who I Help

Although I do some full Drupal site builds, most of my work is for people who already have Drupal websites — usually, websites that were built by web agencies.

Most of the people who ask for my help do so because they've "been burnt" by working with agencies in the past. Sometimes the agency didn't deliver on what was promised. Maybe they were too expensive. Maybe they weren't responsive enough. Either way, the relationship had broken down.

If you're frustrated with working through the model of an agency, I may be a better fit for you going forward.

Here's why...

1: You'll communicate with me and only me

Have you ever played Chinese Whispers with an agency? Here's how it goes...

— You explain your requirements in-depth to your agency account manager.

— The account manager "translates" your request into developer-speak for a developer.

— The developer asks the account manager some important technical questions regarding implementation.

— The account manager then "reverse-translates" the questions for you.

— Repeat.

On and on it goes.

By the time the work is delivered, so much "translation" has occured that what you get is often not what you thought you would get.

But when we work together, you talk with me and only me.

I'm able to ask you the right questions — right then and there. Sometimes we can even mockup what you want right in the browser, whilst I'm sharing my screen with you.

Working on-on-one like this helps to keep costs down, and helps to get you exactly what you want for your site — quickly and without all the back and forth.

2: You'll know your developments are done by a senior developer

Often agencies will ask their junior developers to do the work on your site. This is all well and good, as everybody needs to learn. But do you really want junior developers learning their trade on your site?

When we work together, you'll be comforted to know that your site is being developed and maintained by somebody who's been developing Drupal sites for nearly ten years — somebody who has consulted with publishing houses on Drupal — and somebody who was a lead developer for some of Comic Relief's biggest campaign websites.

3: I work with your preferred method of pricing

Whether you prefer to pay for development services on an hourly basis, on a fixed-price basis, on a monthly retainer basis — it really doesn't matter to me.

I understand that everybody has their own preferred way of buying professional services, so am happy to work with whatever pricing model works best for you and your business.

4: You can get hold of me

Whether you prefer to email me, call me, or drop a task or a question into our project management tool — MeisterTaskI'll always get straight back to you.

I find that most of the time, I'm able to respond to my client's questions, advice, thoughts and ideas within the hour.

Let's Chat

"Working with Peter was an absolute pleasure — thanks to his flexibility, excellent communication skills and honesty."

Luca Russo

"Peter is proactive with technical solutions and produces high quality, sustainable work."

Ceava Potter

"Peter helped us launch the site and took ownership as a developer till the end; which sets him apart from other freelancers we’d ever worked with."

Ken Wong

"Pete's vast experience and knowledge, along with being a great communicator, made him a great mentor for the development team."

Matt Wagg

"We moved away from our old agency for various reasons, but we're glad we did. Pete takes care of all the technical stuff, leaving us to focus on fundraising."

Mark Lankester

"Peter has been a pleasure to work with. The development phase itself and the aftercare have been fantastic."

Stephen Daniels

Use the form below to tell me who you are, a little about your company, and a little about your Drupal site. Or if you prefer, you can email me directly at:

If I think my services would not be a good fit for you, I'll tell you straight away. If I think they could be, we'll schedule an informal chat to happen over the next day or so.

Thanks, Pete.